It’s Good to be Home

August 30th, 2011 by Emma Durand-Wood

We just got back from a three week road trip to Alberta. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family, but man, when we pulled up in front of our house, what a sigh of relief. It’s good to be home again. This was my first time (since I moved here, of course) […]

Geography is Destiny

March 18th, 2010 by Emma Durand-Wood

Among all the lovely scenes in Carol Shields’ novel The Republic of Love, one of my favourites is where the female protagonist, Fay, describes what a small world it is when you live in this city: “The population of Winnipeg is six hundred thousand, a fairly large city, with people who tend to stay put. Families […]

One Generous City

January 22nd, 2010 by Emma Durand-Wood

Over at The World According to Ace, Ace Burpee posted about the massive success of the Hot 103 “I Heart Haiti” t-shirt campaign:  “It’s not out of the question to think that we may have created a $100,000 charity t–shirt. Keep it going. We’re on board. This is a great town.” Very cool, and also not surprising. In […]

Sunday Shopping

October 5th, 2009 by Emma Durand-Wood

I recently listened to an interesting piece on The Sunday Edition about, well, Sundays*. Michael Enright and his guests explored whether “Sundays have lost their Sundayness”  — what we do with Sundays (and what we wish we did with them). It was a fascinating discussion, and one that I think a lot of people think […]

Snow, mosquitoes, and taxes

July 9th, 2009 by Emma Durand-Wood

In Manitoba, nothing is certain but snow, mosquitoes, and yes, taxes. Yesterday was my one year Pegiversary, and I’ve been reflecting on some of the tax-related incentives and disincentives of moving to Manitoba. There were so many things to consider when I was thinking about moving to a new province, but I have to be […]

Our Proud Winnipeg Hearts

June 16th, 2009 by Aaron

As far as weather goes, Sunday, June 14th was an amazing day to celebrate the annual Winnipeg Pride Day Festival. If you were here in Winnipeg (i.e. not at “the lake” or “the cottage”) you already know it was sunny and hot; what could be considered our first truly summer-y day of the year. Foolishly […]

The Winnipeg O’ My Heart Glossary of Terms

May 17th, 2009 by Aaron

It’s official. High demand has made it necessary for us to create a Winnipeg O’ My Heart glossary of terms unique to Winnipeg and Manitoba. During a recent conversation with CBC Information Radio host Terry MacLeod, he asked us about the unique phrases we coin through the blog. A bit stumped, we fumbled through an […]

Why On Earth I Would Move from Vancouver to Winnipeg

May 13th, 2009 by Emma Durand-Wood

In the ten months that I’ve lived here, people  have asked me, more than anything else, why I moved here. To Winnipeg. From Vancouver.  Telling them the truth, “I just really like the city”, hasn’t been very convincing, and so this post attempts to explain something that’s a little bit unfathomable: Why on Earth I […]