And just like that, summer is over.

September 27th, 2021 by Emma Durand-Wood

Hard to believe September has come and almost gone already. Am I the only one whose sense of time is still completely distorted? What a strange summer it’s been, tacked onto the end of many tumultuous months of pandemic. I haven’t written anything reflective here yet this year, which I guess is par for the […]

A Rant

October 14th, 2017 by Emma Durand-Wood

This morning I made a mistake. When the kids spotted the “snow” on the ground, they were euphoric with excitement and insisted on suiting up to go play. By the time they were dressed for outdoors, the snow had basically melted, but no matter – such is the magic of the first snowfall, right? The […]

First time: Panicking About LeisureOnline, Then Loving 311

August 28th, 2012 by Emma Durand-Wood

I’ve really enjoyed reading the new-ish blog “It feels like the first time” over the last couple months, especially the posts on Winnipeggy stuff. I had my very own “first” today, and as for this post’s title, well, you know what they say about imitation. Anyway, today was my first time using LeisureOnline to register […]

What bugs me about Winnipeg*

July 7th, 2009 by Laurel

When you move to Winnipeg, people either make a joke about the snow, or they’ll make a joke about the bugs. If they think themselves particularly clever, they’ll make that joke about the snow AND the bugs (“At least the mosquitoes aren’t around in the winter!”). For me, moving to the city during the icy […]