About this blog

This blog is about the adventures of some friends who moved from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Originally written with Aaron Fitchett and Laurel Fulford, Emma Durand-Wood is now the sole blogger. Anyone interested in guest-blogging is encouraged to get in touch!


Emma Durand-Wood

emmaWho can explain the crazy things we do in life? Emma Durand-Wood spent most of her life inexplicably yearning for Manitoba, the province of her roots and of many happy childhood summers. Fortunately, she finally took the plunge and moved to the Heart of the Continent in the summer of 2008. She’s now happily on a mission to: (1) discover Winnipeg’s best kept culinary, cultural, and quirky secrets, (2) continue to lure friends from other provinces to Friendly Manitoba, and (3) navigate Confusion Corner without having a panic attack.