Peg Gratitude: Day 9 – Twitter Pals

December 10th, 2019 by Emma Durand-Wood

This is an easy one. It’s easy to slag social media, and while it doesn’t always bring good things to our lives, or bring out the best in us, for the most part, I really love the Twitter community I’m part of in Winnipeg.

From posting tips to commiserating over our city’s challenges, celebrating small successes to sharing perspectives, I am always learning new things from local people I follow on Twitter! To my great delight, my path is starting to cross with many of these folks in real life, but it’s still great to have this broader online community of like-minded individuals to swap information and ideas with. For an introvert like me, having this tool as a way to get to know people a little before or after an IRL encounter is especially valuable!

The general awesomeness of this community was really brought home for me a couple weeks ago, when I posted a long, discouraged thread a couple weeks ago. I was mostly just venting to get some feelings off my chest, but I was floored and right away, a bunch of people replied with words of genuine support and empathy and encouragement.

I’m very grateful for the many neat contacts I’ve made through Twitter and all the eye-opening things I’ve learned from them (along with all the great local beer tips, too!).

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