Peg Gratitude: Day 20 – Local Artists

December 31st, 2019 by Emma Durand-Wood

I got the most stunning, perfect Christmas gift from a dear friend this year: a print from Nice Art People of an elm tree ring, from Elmwood no less, like this one. I’m so excited to hang it up.

It joins my small collection of lovely Winnipeg-themed or Winnipeg-made artwork. I treated myself to the Ty Johnson “Great City” print at Tiny Feast (RIP) several years ago, and to a cool Guy St. Godard watercolour print of 1960s Portage Ave at the Signatures Show last year. For my birthday this year I got a beautiful print of a succulent that had been for sale at Sam’s Place (can’t remember the artist and too lazy to open up the frame!). I’ve got my eye on a few poignant Kal Barteski prints. And the Manitoba Dainty Tray print from Happyland Print Shop has been in my etsy cart off and on for far too long – one of these days, it’s going to look great in my kitchen.

Winnipeg is home to an astonishing number of talented artists who make my life and all Winnipeggers’ lives more beautiful with everything from paintings and prints to sculptures and murals. So grateful for Winnipeg artists!

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