Peg Gratitude: Day 1 – Rainbow Barricades at Portage & Main

December 1st, 2019 by Emma Durand-Wood

It’s been a long month. I’m not feeling great about Winnipeg these days, and I know I’m not alone in this. Although Twitter has been an invaluable place for connecting with other like-minded folks, it’s also the place I turn to for venting. Between me and the other adult in my household, there has been an awful lot of venting and grumbling lately. Over the last while, I’ve tried to embrace a mindset of “don’t just complain, do something” — and as such I’ve wound up involved in all sorts of groups and projects and whatnot that involve a lot of pushing back against the status quo. It’s tiring but it’s important and I hope I’m helping to make a difference.

Still, earlier this evening I found myself thinking that I should try to give just as much mental space to the good things in life that I’m grateful for. I’ve kept what I call “three things journals” off and on over the years, where I write down three good things that happened during my day. I found this practice really helped to recognize and be grateful for all the big and little good things I’m lucky to have.

In this spirit, over the month of December I’m going to share a little about the many places, people, and things I’m grateful for in my adopted hometown of Winnipeg.

Day 1: Rainbow Barricades at Portage & Main

Something wonderful happened at our most famous intersection, Portage & Main. The barricades that prevent people from crossing the street at Portage & Main are hostile and crumbling and ridiculous and must go, but I LOVE that they were painted in rainbow stripes for this year’s Pride, and that the colours are still up six months later. I honestly thought they would probably paint over them after a few weeks, but they haven’t yet.

And so, every time I pass these joyful, colourful cement walls, this absurd juxtaposition of free/not free, I feel happy that while we wait impatiently for the day they’re jackhammered out, we have something beautiful and symbolic and hopeful to look at. And I’m going to appreciate them even more in the dead of February, when they’ll really pop against all the snow and grime.

Thanks, rainbow barricades!

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