Giving context to our city (plus my latest Winnipeg blog finds)

March 18th, 2016 by Emma Durand-Wood

A quick and random post today.

I was catching up on Peg City Grub (one of my faves!) the other day and came across a fantastic quote, one the sums up something I’ve felt since my earliest days as a Winnipeg newbie. In the PCG post, chef Terik Cabildo of Vera Pizzaria on south Osborne is talking about his training and early days as a chef in BC:

On working on the west coast Terik said, “It helps gives you context to your city — and if you don’t travel, you won’t have that. I won’t say one is better than the other; there are so many gems in Winnipeg, but you won’t know that until you go somewhere else.”

That. “There are so many gems in Winnipeg, but you won’t know that until you go somewhere else.” Exactly that. It applies to everything, not just restaurants.  And the concept works both ways. Exploring other cities gives you an appreciation for what you have at home, and it also gives you inspiration and vision for what you could have.

I’ve often wondered whether the folks who run the show at the city, the ones whose vision for Winnipeg’s public transit is stuck firmly in the dark ages, have ever been to another major city where public transportation actually works? And not just works, but is more convenient than taking a vehicle?

(Aside: I went to Vera a couple months ago and it was out of this world. I can’t wait to go back.)

Anyway. Just a random thought for today. Now onto a couple other blogs I’ve been wanting to give a shout-out to:

  • Beer Winnipeg is a very cool site that I’ve been keeping tabs on over the past year. They’ve been doing product reviews, brewery visits, and updates on Winnipeg’s thankfully-now-growing craft brewery scene! Big congrats to Beer Winnipeg on your one-year blogiversary. Looking forward to year 2!
  • The View from Valour: Natalie Geddes shares the secrets of her beloved West End neighbourhood with us, with lots of pics and a dose of relatable self-deprecation. Her kick-off post is a love letter to the West End, and I recently enjoyed her tours of Sleepy Owl Bread (drool) and Barn Hammer Brewing Company’s build in progress… hmm… I’m sensing a theme in the blogs I’ve been enjoying lately… 😉
  • 8 pieds à Winnipeg: a lovely, photo-rich blog from a semi-homesick Québécoise exploring our city and province. I haven’t gotten through all her archives, but the kick-off post explains why she moved to Winnipeg a little over two years ago, and it appears that she and her family are enjoying themselves. (The bonus is that this blog’s also been a good way for me to keep up with my French reading comprehension – conversational tone in subjects I’m interested in!)

There you go – three blogs you should add to your reader, if you haven’t already!

Hmm… it’s fair to say I’ve been doing much more blog reading than writing lately. To everything there is a season, I guess!


3 Responses to “Giving context to our city (plus my latest Winnipeg blog finds)”

  1. Boss says:

    There’s the flaw in your argument – Winnipeg is a Major City – it isn’t. It may be the biggest city in the middle of nowhere, with the second biggest city booting up to 60 thousand in pop, but the reality is , it’s a small town cobbled together by half a dozen smaller towns.

    The real nice thing Winnipeg had going for itself before it embarked on this ” We must be a Big City ” delusion was that no one knew or cared about it. People have a hard time understanding what that really means.

    Unfortunately, we have people in charge who are busy chasing unicorns to ease their big chips on their shoulders. This will be costly and major mistakes are being made.

    First thing to do, fix the streets, it’s like walking up to your house and the steps are crumbling.

    The new kitchen cupboards will have to wait.

  2. J says:

    Winnipeg is a great city, and I appreciate your thoughts as a relative newbie. We are not perfect, but we a are a proud bunch. Thanks. Thanks for the recos for other blogs. I quite enjoyed 8 pieds a Winnipeg and yes it was great to practice French. She was blogging very frequently then suddenly stopped.

  3. Amanda says:

    I am from Winnipeg and I am currently living in Shanghai, China.
    It is totally true that people in Winnipeg have no clue what they have till you leave, I never hated the city, I just never truly appreciated it like I do now. When I talk about home I brag about everything, Winnipeg truly has it all, culture, food, recreation, a great economy, friendly people and space. Living in the largest most populated city in the world the one thing I miss is driving out 10 min from the city down a farmers dirt road and just being alone, only me and the sky, it’s peaceful.

    People hear Winnipeg and think cold, but I currently live in the subtropics meaning no insulation, no central heat systems, and in winter a humid 0 degrees feels worse than a dry -40, try being cold inside your bones constantly no matter how many layers or how long you have the AC on heat… It all escapes from the walls and windows.

    Winnipeg is great, and growing despite the worlds economic state, no where is perfect, I’ve travelled the world and the only place compared to the politeness of Winnipeg is Japan.

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