My Latest Winnipeg Food Finds

April 22nd, 2015 by Emma Durand-Wood

One of the best things in life is food. And lucky for me, one of the best things about Winnipeg is its abundance of great markets and restaurants!

What I especially love about Winnipeg’s food scene is that it really is a cultural mosaic (so much more appealing than a “melting pot”). Here are some of my latestĀ faves and discoveries from the last little while:

  • Yesterday I had a chance to check out Kelmar Bakery and Kelmar Country Meats and Deli, after a delicious breakfast at 925 Bistro & Lounge with a friend. At the bakery, my friend pointed out the zwieback: delightfully fluffy white buns that tear neatly into two puffs of deliciousness. She mentioned that it’s a classic part of a Mennonite tradition called faspa, alongside sliced cheese, cold cuts, butter and jam. I love learning about these traditions!
  • While at Kelmar Bakery, we also noticed fergasa bread, which took me back to my first time eating at The Tallest Poppy several years ago. I’d never heard of it and after some research determined that it might be a regional item. At any rate, fergasa is a tasty onion and cheese loaf that dares you to just eat one piece. I don’t eat bread that often but I’m willing to make an exception for fergasa! (The name sounds Italian… anyone know the story behind it??)
  • After all these years (7 this summer!) of living in Winnipeg, Filipino food is one type of cuisine I hadn’t had much opportunity to try out. But recently I tried two Filipino breakfast classics, longganisa and tocino, which are served over rice with a fried egg and lots of vinegar and hot sauce. They were procured, frozen, by my brother-in-law from some ladies he works with, so his family gets to enjoy tasty ethnic breakfasts from the comfort of home. He says that Myrna’s on Sargent is a great restaurant option too, though I haven’t tried it yet.
  • One of the foods I miss most from my Vancouver days is shawarma. So I was delighted to see Peg City Grub’s roundup of Winnipeg’s best shawarma the other day! I’ve tried shawarma from Baraka and Shawarma Khan, and they were both good; now I’m psyched to see how Best Pizza and Donair in Fort Garry stacks up. Maybe a special treat for Mother’s Day! (hint, hint!)
  • The bannock. From Neechi Commons. So good. ‘Nnuff said. (Also worth writing home about: the hashbrowns at the Neechi Commons cafe.)
  • I was bummed when Mercadito Latino moved away from my area, as I used to buy hot sauce and corn tortillas there regularly. Thankfully I was alerted to the fact that you can buy corn tortillas from JC’s Tacos and More… I think they’re even better than the ones I used to get, and price is very reasonable!
  • Although it doesn’t get much more “Canadian prairie” than a roast chicken, I’d be remiss not to mention how amazing the pastured chickens from Fort Whyte Farms are! I ordered half a dozen frozen birds last fall and cried a little tear when we polished off the last one. They were SO good. Can’t wait for more this fall. Meanwhile, I’m on the list for pastured pork. Drool.

I could probably go on all day, but those are some of my latest discoveries.

What are your favourite world foods or dishes — or just favourite food finds around town?

P.S. On a general food note, did you hear that the Red River General Store has moved into town? And close to my hood, too, at 1342 Main Street. Super excited about this!!



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