The Real Mayoral Candidates of Winnipeg

September 12th, 2014 by Emma Durand-Wood

The last couple nights my husband and I have hopped into bed, fired up the iPad, opened up YouTube, and done some serious research for the upcoming civic election: we’ve been watching Ace Burpee’s “Candidates in Cars” video series.

To date, Ace has interviewed six mayoral hopefuls in a super-casual setting: driving around in Chrissy Troy’s sweet ride with a camera capturing their conversations.

I found it fascinating to watch how all the candidates handle themselves so differently, and with varying levels of comfort in the presence of a veritable local celeb. While of course there’s a certain amount of subtle and not-so-subtle campaigning, it’s pretty entertaining and revealing to hear what random topics come up, and what kind of interests and passions the candidates have. Van Halen (Brian Bowman), second-hand clothes shopping (Judy Wasylycia-Leis), karaoke (Paula Havixbeck), “meat carts” (Robert Falcon Ouellette), the chaos of youth hockey (Mike Vogiatzakis) and Sudoku (David Sanders) — it’s all fair game. I actually learned a lot of interesting things about our city, not just about the candidates.

My favourite moments from each video:

  • David Sanders giving a shout-out to the Traveling Wilburys
  • Paula Havixbeck blushing as she names the bars she went to when she was 20
  • Mike Vogiatzakis talking about going to Greece with his mother
  • Brian Bowman bringing up Van Halen approximately 46 times
  • Robert Falcon Ouellette saying his dream musical performance would be with an Eastern European gypsy band at a wedding. (“But not too polka-like”. Heh.)
  • Judy Wasykycia-Leis talking about taking her son to a Beyonce concert
  • Ace asks advice on rules of the road (every video)

Part personal interview, part city tour, with some good laughs and of course a few awkward/cringe-worthy moments, this series is pretty revealing, and I think everyone should check it out. Hoping Ace is able to get the rest of the candidates on board for interviews!

And so, in no particular order, here are the videos – hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

2 Responses to “The Real Mayoral Candidates of Winnipeg”

  1. pegged says:

    Sanders gave you the real pegger. Interesting way he spoke about the city he grew up in. Telling….my parents are buried there.

  2. carol says:

    Who knew that Bowman listens to Judas Priest with his kids! thanks for the vids

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