Your Official Guide to Being a Winnipegger

August 6th, 2014 by Emma Durand-Wood

Given the nice, hot summer weather we’re finally having, it’s hard to remember that this past winter was a record-setter. During those long, cold days, local software developer Thu Tran and his colleagues at iQmetrix made a cool little video about Winnipeg, and I know that readers of this blog will appreciate it as much as I did.  The video is called Muddy Waters: Your Official Guide to Being a Winnipegger.

Thu tells me that “in about March of this year, during what seemed to have been the coldest winter in history, the morale of the entire city seemed to be in rough shape. So we just thought, we would try to do something about it. Make a fun video that poked fun of ourselves a little bit, but also reminded everyone that this is one great city.”

This video captures many of the classic Winnipeg references that we’ve come to expect from any discussion of Winnipeg (socials, Slurpees, snow, and mosquitoes), but still manages to evoke happy feelings of recognition and pride. I loved the part about taking visitors to the Forks (so true!) and the hilarious Skinners/VJ’s/Mitzi’s/Nucci’s/BDI drip sequence. As a non-born-and-bred Winnipegger, I had lots of fun seeing how many prominent ‘Peggers I could identify during the last part of the video! I admit that I even got a little teary-eyed towards the end 🙂

Thu gives props to all his fellow video collaborators, especially Chad Kipling (the “eating guy”) and Jessica Watson (the “thumbs-up girl”).

Thanks, Thu & co., for bringing a smile to my face today – this is one I’ll be revisiting again this winter!

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  1. Edan says:

    This blog is an absolute gem. A hidden gem to be exact. I am going to show my friends this. This is awesome. Great stories here.

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