My Beloved Sherlock

March 5th, 2013 by Emma Durand-Wood

No, Mum, this post isn’t about Sherlock Holmes. Sorry to disappoint!

Sherlock WinnipegIt is about the spiral-bound Sherlock’s brand Winnipeg city map book that lives in our car, and my love for it.  The last time I grabbed our trusty Sherlock’s to look something up, I remembered that when former WoMHer Aaron first moved here, his aunt, a long-time Winnipegger, told him,  “Make sure you get a Sherlock’s! You’ll need it!” Upon remembering this I wondered whether Sherlock’s is a “Winnipeg thing”. And it turns out it is! Well, sort of. It’s also a Calgary thing. But that’s it, just the two cities. According to their website, “Sherlock Publishing Ltd has been producing the finest city maps of Winnipeg and Calgary since 1989.”

I don’t have a data plan on my phone, and frankly, my brain requires more than two or three square inches of map space to get a grip on my surroundings. So print maps are the way to go for me, most of the time. Even after almost five years in the city, I still consult the book regularly when I’m out of my familiar surroundings, and it has definitely helped me become more comfortable with the city’s layout. (Though I still am thrown for a total loop when someone uses “the river” as a marker, as in “it’s on the other side of the river”. Which river?!)

Anyway — sure, there are other publishers who produce Winnipeg street atlases. You can probably picture MapArt’s signature bright yellow cover in your head – turns out they are another Canadian company. But my loyalty lies with Sherlock, because, well, they were my first 🙂

Are you a digital citizen when it comes to maps, or are you in the print camp with me?

3 Responses to “My Beloved Sherlock”

  1. Yer Pal says:

    Many moons ago; in another lifetime; I was a cab driver here in Winnipeg (a faded memory now.). But, Sherlock served me well on numerous occasions. I agree, the book is better than the e-device. Thanks Sherlock!

  2. sanna says:

    Despite the rising of modern day map devices, no one can argue that print maps are still the most reliable travel buddies in our car.

  3. Riverman says:

    I have one in each car, one in my office at work and one in the kitchen at home. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

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