Three Cheers for ‘Charming Chalmers’

January 31st, 2013 by Emma Durand-Wood

I was thrilled to see my neighbourhood featured so positively in the Freep over the weekend. In Charming Chalmers District, Maureen Scurfield highlights five local businesses on the stretch of Henderson Highway just over the Disraeli, and touches on the Mennonite background that several of them have in common.

The Creative Stage Emporium, Sam’s Place (a used bookstore and cafe), 5 Fathoms Scuba, Nielsen Homeopathic & Integrative Clinic, and JC’s Tacos and More are just a few of the local businesses in this neck of the woods. I want to mention another couple of places I am thankful are in this neighbourhood, which has a long ways to go to becoming, say, Osborne or Corydon-esque, but could just get there some day. I’ve mentioned them here before, but they are worth noting again.

Savoir Faire at Henderson and Johnson is a lovely little gift shop that’s full of unique and beautiful, and often locally-made, items such as jewelry, soaps, candles, quilts and wall hangings, hats, photo cards and artwork. It is a pleasant, airy space and I particularly love the storefront windows, which are always dressed beautifully with interesting items, and lend a pleasant appeal to the street.

Mercadito Latino (Henderson and Noble-ish) is a market and cafe that carries a good assortment of frozen and non-perishable goods from various Central American countries – it’s my go-to place for hot sauce and frozen corn tortillas, which can be had for a song and are made in Manitoba!

Sonya’s at Henderson and Hart has recently been in the headlines as having the best burger in Winnipeg. I wouldn’t know as I don’t eat red meat, but what I do know is this place could charm the pants off the Queen and I love strolling over here for breakfast. Attentive service with quirky personality, delicious homemade food, and that cozy diner feel that’s hard to find these days. Be prepared, though – it’s cash only, and don’t bother asking if they have decaf unless you want to feel slightly foolish. (The unavailability of decaf is a sure sign of a quality diner, even if it’s sometimes annoying!)

Oh – and, props to the UPS Store at Henderson and Noble for their fast, friendly and efficient service!

7 Responses to “Three Cheers for ‘Charming Chalmers’”

  1. coralee says:

    Thank you for posting this, I love hearing about the hidden treasures in our lovely city!

  2. Yer Pal says:

    The first time I saw a dead body was @ the foot of the Disraeli bridge in MBC’s front yard. Strange story, but that’s what comes to mind when I think of that neighbourhood.

  3. Art Mira says:

    Actually the area isn’t the Chalmers area although Chalmers Ave does intersect Henderson Hwy. The Chalmers area is to the east between Stadacona/Levis/Watt and Gateway centering on Chalmers.

    That area on Henderson in the article is essentially just West Elmwood-Elmwood-GlenElm. East Elmwood is between Gateway and Panet.

    Before Unicity the affinity for local identity for residents tended to be more towards Bronx-Bronx Park East Kildonan than Elmwood’s Chalmers area.

    Don’t know anything about North End Mennonites taking over the area but 50-60 years ago all Elmwood areas, except east East Elmwood were a mix of every racial, ethnic, and religious group living in Winnipeg – many of which were first gen immigrant families, essentially the lower to bottom end of the social middle class working poor many of whom also had relatives in the North End usually around the Wliiliam Whyte/St.Johns area.

    Going by memory I seem to recall either J.S. Woodsworth or Stanley Knowles, of the CCF lived around Brazier and Mighton/Stadacona at one time. Not sure if their residence was owned or rented.

  4. Emma says:

    @Art – thanks for the fascinating information! I agree – I had never heard the area described as Chalmers and would have called it Glenelm-ish or just West Elmwood, myself.
    @Yer Pal – ummm, lovely… Well, I urge you to form a new impression 🙂
    @Coralee – glad you liked it!

  5. rachael says:

    this is so refreshing to see! winnipeg news about winnipeg PEOPLE. this really hits home for me because this is my original end of the city, and i love that these businesses are still open and seem to be thriving.

  6. Ashley Lark says:

    Mercadito Latino’s pupusas are the best! Probably my favourite food. Just like my abuela used to make <3

  7. Babylady says:

    I grew up exactly in this area for 7 years and my parents still live there. I’m ashamed to say that out of the places mentioned I have only been to Sam’s Place (which I love) and JC Tacos…oh! and the UPS store 🙂 Thank you for highlighting all of these places. I spent a lot of time complaining about the lack of good businesses in the area instead of researching what was already there.

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