A Terrific Trifecta on Main Street

November 24th, 2012 by Emma Durand-Wood

Today I had the chance to finally pop into a shop I’ve been meaning to check out for several months. While I was at it, I realized that there are actually three awesome businesses within 2 blocks of each other. Hence I have dubbed the stretch on Main St. between Hartford and Kilbride the Terrific Trifecta. Allow me to elaborate!

A L’Epi de Blé  at 1757 Main (at Hartford): I’ve been into this amazing French bakery a few times specifically for the macarons. I think they are one of the only places around town that sell these little beauties, and they are simply divine.  You can get a cup of coffee and sit at one of a couple of tables to enjoy a treat, or get your bread and pastries to go. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Read more in The Times community newspaper.

Just a block up the street is Baraka Pita Bakery and Mediterranean Deli at 1783 Main, a Lebanese place that locals know for some of the best shawarma in town. I’ve only been here a couple times, but my mouth starts watering every time I go by. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is great. You can eat in or take out, and there’s also a small market with fresh pita and middle eastern foods, as well as pastries and to-go tubs of baba ghanouj, hummus and other delicious dips. Read more in Marion Warhaft’s Freep review, and on Food Musings & Zollipop.

And then just down the block is the place I first visited today, Newbridge Toy Shop at 1791 Main (at Kilbride). I chatted for a few minutes with the owner and saw how much fun she is having with her new business, and for good reason. This relatively new shop is full of high quality, unique toys including a huge assortment of puppets, dolls, china tea sets, stuffed animals, vintagey-looking tin windup toys (totally rad robots!), puzzles, science games, art supplies… the list goes on.  One stand-out item I saw is the beautiful child-sized baby grand piano! This place is all killer, no filler and the prices are very reasonable. Looking forward to going back to pick up a few Christmas gifts…they do gift-wrapping and phone orders, too!

So, what do you think? Are there other businesses in this vicinity that are worth checking out?

3 Responses to “A Terrific Trifecta on Main Street”

  1. Kiki says:

    I went to both Baraka’s and A L’Epi de Blé the other day. It was a true cultural smorgasbord, right on Winnipeg’s Main street. Loved them both!

  2. Lisa Smith says:

    You have to go to Tenderloin Meat & Sausage! Everything is great and the have the best Kobassa.

  3. KMC says:

    My partner and I are fortunate to live right on Kilbride between Main and Scotia just steps away from this ‘terrific trifecta’!

    Lisi’s Ranch House is also right in the vicinity and though it’s in need of a bit of a cosmetic make-over (call me crazy) it is a fantastic Italian restaurant with sauces made from scratch and renowned pizzas!

    Also, Pete’s Place is right next to Baraka (which has the most delicious and unique falafel I have had in the city) and thought I have never been, my Step Dad has been addicted to Pete’s for years!

    Ocean King is right across the street and though I am not a huge lover of take-out Chinese food, my partner and her family are obsessed with it.

    So happy to be a part of this great neighborhood!

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