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May 15th, 2010 by Emma Durand-Wood

Tonight’s the night of the “world’s biggest social”, held in honour of Manitoba’s 140th birthday. I’ve been to exactly one social in my almost two years in Winnipeg (two Bud Spud & Steaks, though!) and that’s probably enough for me… I won an incredibly awesome prize that fateful night and would like to keep that record intact!

I still feel a little conflicted about the concept of fundraising for weddings, even though it seems like it’s basically the same pool of money (and crushing sense of guilt and obligation) that passes from one couple to the next, which I am happily exempted from since I didn’t grow up here and don’t really get it. But I can say for certain that it’s a brilliant concept for fundraising in general, especially when the proceeds are going towards community development projects and, in the case of the Winnipeg social tonight, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and Children’s Hospital Research Foundation of Manitoba.

I’m book-clubbing it up tonight, so cube cheese and rye bread are not in the picture for me, but there’s some good pre-emptive coverage of what’s in store for social goers tonight in today’s Free Press: “Ain’t no party like a Manitoba party“. The articles includes tips & memories from fellow bloggers Ben MacPhee- Sigurdson and ChrisD as well as from other prominent ‘Peggers. It also includes a list of 20 essential social songs, which is eerily similar to the standard setlist of every junior high dance I ever went to.

Hope you get your fill of C&C Music Factory, pretzels on paper plates, and kolbassa a-plenty. And my fingers are crossed that you win the silent auction prize you want the most!

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  1. Ty says:

    We were invited to a wedding social in Calgary last year, and thought it was kind of tacky. The bride and groom were both from Winnipeg, and I think the social had been presented as a Manitoba tradition it would have gone over a lot better.

    As an outsider looking in I think it’s great that Manitoba has events like socials, and I’m kind of jealous that Alberta doesn’t have similar traditions.

  2. Mr. N says:

    Whats “book-clubbing” ???

  3. Nr.N says:

    TY, in eastern Canada, TO and MTL anyways, we have “showers’ . Baby showers, Wedding showers, first communions, baptisimal , you name it , we throw a party for it. And yes, in Italians cases, money is thrown around.

    The most spectacular money game is the the Bridal dance, where guests pin money on the bride and groom for a lap on the dance floor. Its not unreasonable to see the couple walk away with 2 to 10K pinned on them. And then there are the envelopes and gifts. This is all a prelude to the actual wedding.

  4. cherenkov says:

    I feel like I have neglected my responsibilities as a Manitoban by not going to the social.

  5. Mr.N says:

    How big was the social. I’ve not seen much reported on it. Did it flop ?

  6. Emma says:

    The Freep reported 2100 at the Winnipeg social and 1700 at the Brandon one. Not bad!

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