Garage Sales…Where It’s At?

July 31st, 2009 by Aaron

Winnipeggers, we’ve heard you’re cheap. Or frugual. Wait a minute, what’s the kindest way to say that you have a reputation for being the worst penny-pinching bargain hunters this side of the Rockies?

Our plan is to embark on our first Garage Sale Mission this weekend! Any tips on the best Manitoba haggling techniques? Where do deal seekers search for the best Garage Sale listings in Winnipeg? Is it true what they say about Winnipeggers being amazingly thrifty, and if so, how can we disguise ourselves as Winnipeg Garage Sale Veterans?

We look forward to your feedback…and we treasure your comments. Now, hopefully we’ll find some treasure of our own! Updates via twitter (#winnipego) tomorrow morning!

5 Responses to “Garage Sales…Where It’s At?”

  1. Eric Friesen says:

    We are pretty thrifty. Cheap? Maybe a little.

    Strategic advice? I’ve heard it’s critical to start early. Super early.

    Also – do a slow drive-by and let your gut tell you if it’s worth it to double back.

    Other than that, I don’t know . . . don’t seem too eager to buy anything?

    Good luck!

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the tips…don’t worry – we’ll be out there really early tomorrow. To the tune of 8AM (I certainly hope this is early enough). Emma has made a map, and Laurel will be taking our early morning Starbucks orders before we set-out on our whirlwind deal-hunting mission.

  3. You guys are great. Way to keep engaged. Good luck in your hunt.

    cheers, gom

  4. Aaron says:

    Oh GOM…we appreciate your readership.
    You know, it was a quick but bountiful hunt. More to come soon! 😛

  5. cherenkov says:

    Get out early for best selection, but go around in the afternoon for the best prices. By 3:00 people just want to get rid of their shit.

    As for garage sales listings … I wouldn’t even look at them. Just drive around in the suburbs and look for signs. Many (most?) are not advertised anywhere except for boulevard signs.

    Happy garage sailing.

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