7 things I learned at my first social

March 30th, 2009 by Laurel
Everyone had a good time, except for the pineapple.

Everyone had a good time, except for the pineapple.

1. Anything in a gym with loud music, even at a community centre, will have a  high-school dance vibe. The serving of alcohol will somehow make this okay.

2. What’s referred to as a ‘silent auction’ at a social is more like this. Prizes at this social included Raybans, an iPod touch, an XBox, and a bunch of bundles: of fishing gear, of yoga gear, bar gear, and a hard-core cupcake baking kit (which was won by Emma). Aaron also won a social staple called a ‘Lottery Tree’, a plastic tree covered in scratch n’ wins.

3. M’s optimal arrival time really does work. We showed up at the social when it was packed (with more than just grandmothers and small children), and we ended up being there for over four hours, which was more than enough.

4. Social veterans will stake out the tables at the back of the venue, furthest from the speakers and closest to the bar. These are wise people.

5. People have a REALLY GOOD TIME at socials. I expected some drinking, but a number of attendees were dressed like they were going to go clubbing, and the alcohol flowed freely (special thanks to dirt cheap drink tickets). Also, at socials, pop is free! Our designated driver had all the diet Pepsi he could handle.

Our social shirts.

Our social shirts.

6. Calling attention to your ‘first-time’ social status – for example, wearing shirts like Emma’s ‘First! Social! Ever!; Aaron’s ‘My First Social’ or my ‘Social Virgin’ – will get you lots of props and positive comments. Unsurprisingly, the most common thing you will hear is “Oh! Where are you from?

7. If your buffet is too awesome, a drunk guy will pantomime violating an olive-covered pineapple when someone tries to take pictures of the table.

6 Responses to “7 things I learned at my first social”

  1. D says:

    Hi and welcome to Manitoba! So glad you are getting out and enjoying all the awesomeness that is Manitoba so far. You truly haven’t experienced a spring without some sandbagging, so I hope you make some time for that this week too! Might I suggest a Diana’s Gourmet Pizza for dinner one night?

  2. Laurel says:

    Thanks D! We’re looking at getting out and helping with the sandbagging effort. Gourmet pizza sounds like it would be the perfect thing to eat after that kind of work, too – thanks for the tip!

  3. cherenkov says:

    Olive covered pineapple? That’s a classier social than I usually go to.

    I would say about 1 in 10 socials has really good food. Depends on the area of town and such, but if the social is being held for somebody of Ukranian, Italian, or other ethic group (as opposed to a mutt like me) there’s a good chance of finding an amazing spread. Otherwise, you’re looking at pickles, cheese and ham. An olive-covered pineapple? That’s pretty exotic for a social in my books!

  4. […] social”, held in honour of Manitoba’s 140th birthday. I’ve been to exactly one social in my almost two years in Winnipeg (two Bud Spud & Steaks, though!) and that’s probably […]

  5. Kelsie Scott says:

    We have a site for social lovers called http://www.manitobasocialsonline.com. We just launched July 1, 2010. Plan your social from start to finish. Sell tickets to family and friends who can now purchase your social tickets with Visa and Mastercard. Easy, Safe and Secure.

    I love socials. They are truly a Manitoba event and are what helps to make us Uniquely Manitoban.

  6. April says:

    Socials are greedy. Like most cheap winnipeggers. Pay for your own wedding.

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