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June 5th, 2015 by Emma Durand-Wood

navut-logo-shortAs a blogger I get a (surprising to me) number of “cold call” emails from all sorts of companies and organizations, for various reasons.  Most of them are not a good fit for me, as I try to stay away from too much PR-type posting here, but every now and then, something legitimately cool comes along. One recent such email came from the Montreal startup Navut.

In a nutshell, Navut is an online neighbourhood finder. Here’s the story behind the site:

“The founders of Navut have all endured, on multiple occasions, the difficult moving experience. They moved to Montreal from overseas and ended up living in neighborhoods that were not suitable for their lifestyles and paid more than they should for rent and local services. They felt that they were lacking knowledge that before Navut, only locals seemed to have access to.

After facing this global problem head on, our founders made it their mission to create a solution for people moving to an unfamiliar city. Everybody deserves to arrive in their new neighborhood confident that it’s the right place for them, which as everyone at Navut knows, is an invaluable asset.

Basically, you choose the city you’re in (7 major Canadian cities are available), check off what you’re looking for in a neighbourhood, in terms of housing, getting around, neighbours, schools, etc. Your top neighbourhoods appear and are refined the more of your preferences you specify.

Anyway. Navut contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to talk about my neighbourhood for their blog, and since I do love my neighbourhood of Glenelm so much, I agreed. I had a lovely chat with Liz Lee, who’s a content manager at Navut. The result is this blogger and neighbourhood profile!

The funny thing is, the night before Liz and I talked, my husband and I both used the neighbourhood finder independently of each other, and we both got Glenelm as our top neighbourhood. I was floored! When I mentioned this to Liz, she was stoked. She told me that while everyone at Navut thinks their algorithms are pretty accurate (and that when she uses it, her top results are always her favourite areas of her own city), she was really pleased to hear it had worked so well for an outside user. I’ve used the neighbourhood finder tool again a few times since then, and Glenelm has always been in my top 5.

So — if you’re moving to Winnipeg and curious about what neighbourhoods would be a good match for you, I really encourage you to try Navut’s tool. And if you live here already, and try the tool, I’d love to hear how accurate your results were!




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