Come From Away

November 1st, 2011 by Emma Durand-Wood

In Atlantic Canada, folks who aren’t from the area are labelled “come from away”. Since moving here, I’ve often thought of myself as being the Winnipeg equivalent. I get a surprising amount of web traffic from visitors who are searching for blogs about moving to Winnipeg… people want to know what it’s really like to live here, perhaps from the perspective of someone who didn’t grow up here. I’ve had a handful of emails, from as far away as the Philippines, wanting the inside scoop!

Anyway, there are actually quite a few of us provincial ex-pats, and in this post I want to share a few of their blogs.

Maude in Manitoba

Sheri moved from Ontario to Brandon for no good reason… I like her already! My favourite post concerns brands and colours of farming equipment commonly seen in Manitoba. Lately she’s been wondering why Winnipeg has to be the centre of the universe in this province – doesn’t Brandon deserve some love? (Good question!)  I’m looking forward to reading all about Sheri’s adventures in her new hometown. (And seeing what other funny things she learns about our little province!)

My Move to the ‘Peg (Going to Winnipeg)

You may remember that I talked to Jess a few months ago. This hockey-crazy Vancouverite moved here in 2010 and has been sharing her take on our city ever since. She’s slowed down in her posting lately… I guess she’s just having too much fun 🙂 What have you been up to, Jess?

A Weekend, in Food

Honeybee shares her culinary adventures in Winnipeg after moving here from Ontario. She writes about local restaurants and shares recipes of her own. I loved her Tour de Winnipeg local foods project, and the fact that she dared to bash Sals. And also that she admits to liking pole syrup (Amen!).

Little Gray Bird

This Nova Scotia native writes thoughtful posts about exploring Manitoba, often discussing similarities and differences between her experiences in the two provinces. She’s written about all sorts of Manitoban regionalisms, from lingo (booters), to accomodations (yurting ), to food (pickerel cheeks and matrimonial cake). Almost  everything she writes resonates with me on some level, and I always look forward to new posts.

Project Zoom 

This one’s sort of an exception. Did you hear about Project Zoom? A couple from Mississauga decided to zoom around the country, living as locals in 10 provincial capitals for one month each. Winnipeg was their city for October, and they had lots of adventures here. Check out their posts on strolling down Wellington, exploring the murals of Winnipeg,  and what they thought of our transit system. Yvonne and Jim are off to Regina now… I wish them the best of luck on their fascinating journey!

Am I missing any others?

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog post! There are a few bloggers you have mentioned that I am not familiar with and that is awesome – now I have some new blogs to explore.

    I always look forward to reading your blog and your perspective, thanks!

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