7 Jeopardy Categories

March 2nd, 2010 by Emma Durand-Wood

Inspired by Greg G’s recent blog post, I thought I’d share my own list of dream Winnipeg-related Jeopardy categories. (This meme comes from Douglas Coupland’s excellent novel, Microserfs, which is probably one of my all-time faves.) I’m still a relative newcomer to the city, but here are a few categories I’m pretty sure I could ace:

  • Size and Locality of Potholes on the Disraeli Bridge and Overpass, circa March
  • Common Typographical Errors by Commenters on the Winnipeg Free Press Website
  • Odds of Vegetarian Entree Availability at Catered Events
  • Winnipeg Wrap Form & Function

    Aaaaaand a few I’m sure I would fail miserably at:

    • Underground Navigation of Portage & Main
    • Social Music 101
    • Minnesota/North Dakota peasant-vision ads of the 80s

      Okay, so I know they’re not standard Jeopardy-type categories, but I had fun coming up with them.

      What are your dream (or dreaded) Winnipeg-related Jeopardy categories?

      3 Responses to “7 Jeopardy Categories”

      1. greg.g says:

        I’d probably be even worse at navigating the underground, which is why I usually avoid it.

      2. Mykael says:

        Celebrities with tenuous ties to Winnipeg yet claimed as “from Winnipeg”.

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