CBC Radio (Manitoba) – What’s in a Name?

September 23rd, 2009 by Aaron

So, we all know that Winnipeg Wraps are a real phenomenon in this city, and perhaps around the province. As the weather turns I suppose I will be revisiting my theories about the WW. As for now, I may have stumbled across another very quirky Winnipeg-ism that defies all rational thought. Coincidentally (or as I suspect, NOT coincidentally), the first and last names of many CBC Radio One (Manitoba) personalities begin with either the letter M, or the letter W…or both! How strange that we live in Winnipeg, Manitoba…

I have devised a method of determining the level of local and provincial patriotism evidenced by the names of  each of these prominent CBC Radio One hosts. Here’s how the points system will work: each host is awarded one point for each first or last name that begins with either an “M” or “W”; the host may receive 1 (one) additional point if they possess both an “M” and a “W” as the first letter of either their first or last name; the host may receive 1/2 (half) a point if they possess a duplicate “M” or “W” as the first letter of their first or last name. Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well I say let’s start tabulating those points! But first, I know there are several awesome people that regularly broadcast on CBC Radio One (Manitoba); however, I am focusing on the major show “leaders” from our provincial radio programming. According to the website (click on “Programs”) these are our main hosts:

Terry MacLeod and Marcy Markusa (Information Radio), Marilyn Maki (Radio Noon), Margaux Watt (Up to Speed), Wabanakwut Kinew (The 204; Weekends with Wab), Beverley Watson (The Weekend Morning Show), and Mark Szyszlo (North Country). If you dispute this list, please let me know; we can add others!

Terry MacLeod = 1 point (“M”; my name change suggestion for more points: “Merry MacLeod,” which would also earn another 1/2 point!)

Mark Szyszlo = 1 point (“M”; my name change suggestion for more points: “Mark Wyszlo,” guaranteeing 3 points)

Wabanakwut Kinew = 1 point (“W”; my name change suggestion for more points: “Wab Minew,” which would secure Wab 3 points! Plus, it just sounds cute)

Beverley Watson = 1 point (“W”; my name change suggestion for more points: “Maverley Watson,” for a solid 3 points)

Marcy Markusa = 2.5 points (“M,” “M,” and 1/2 point for the double “M”)

Marilyn Maki = 2.5 points (Just like Marcy, Marilyn’s a double “M”!)

And our winner is…Margaux Watt = 3 points! (one “M,” one “W,” and a full extra point for the combo!)

A note about CBC News at 6 and the I-team. Janet Stewart and John Sauder have the same…exact…initials – aside from their middle names, which I don’t know. While this is creepy in its own way (the matching initials), I find it interesting that neither of them has an M or a W as the first letter of either their first or last names. Just like Janet and John, I-team lead investigator Alex Freedman also does not have an M or a W in his main initials. What conclusions can be drawn here? Did this team miss the memo about how important my discovery would be? Do you think these outcast CBC hosts should consider changing their names in order to become more beloved in the hearts of “W”innipeggers and “M”anitobans?

My suggestion is that Janet Stewart should consider changing her name to Waneta Stewart (1 point). The name John Sauder might easily be replaced by John Waulder (1 point), and Alex Freedman might have a better better luck as Will Manfreed (that’s a creative switch that would earn him 3 points…if he cared!). I mean, c’mon – what’s a name change if it means you can join the ranks of those other chic, patriotic CBC personalities? If I’m ever a host on CBC Radio One (Manitoba) you can bet I’ll be changing my name to Maron Witchett in a heartbeat! But seriously…is it just a strange coincidence that so many of these hosts have “M” and “W” names?

8 Responses to “CBC Radio (Manitoba) – What’s in a Name?”

  1. Emma says:

    Oh, Maron. This is hilarious! This is the best post in the ‘Peg Nerdery category yet.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask – if I were a CBC radio host, could I get some points for having a double M in my name, and a last name that starts with W?

  2. Aaron says:

    Hmm…Memma Wood would add up to a nice a respectable 3 points! Unfortunately your mid-name double “m” doesn’t quite cut it according to these rules. 😛
    But seriously (or not so seriously) isn’t it interesting that there are so many “W” and “M” names among these broadcasters?! This is why the post is categorized as ‘Peg Nerdy, I suppose!

  3. Will O'Neill says:

    Everything I think about the CBC in general comes down to this article:


    And, as much as I love this blog, it has become a big fat love-in Kool Aid festival. Where is an at least occasional critical or otherwise negative thing to say about Winnipeg?! I thought we were curling buddies. 😀

  4. Emma says:

    Don’t worry, Will, it’s not Kool Aid, it’s caribou 🙂

  5. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the funny article Will!

    Umm…the only thing I can say to your comment is that we’re just not as satirical or clever as you are. And, we like Winnipeg. And, I am not sure how to acticulate my extreme loathing of Winnipeg’s traffic congestion due to road construction. Yet.

  6. Robin says:

    @Will: Living in Winnipeg is a delicate love/hate balance, so here’s the other side of the coin: http://www.winnipeg.ca/CrimeStat/

  7. Will O'Neill says:

    Aaron, I think you and Emma are every bit as witty as I am, but you may not have my… Intent.

    Fortunately, that’s what The Albatross will be thoroughly and completely for!

    Thanks for the link, Robin. This all seems sort of timely now given what is in the papers today:


  8. JB says:

    Aaron, I find it delightful that the tone of this blog overall avoids the clichéd depressing rant-heavy format of many others. That’s part of what keeps me coming back. It brings a wonderful balance to the blogosphere.

    This nerdery post was lovely. I like seeing people get so excited about something that they geek out hardcore. It has its own inherent wit, I think.

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